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Size 650,000 SQ FT; 1 Building / 12 Floors
Project Manager Suffolk Construction
Construction Suffolk Construction
Architect Gensler
Product System Haworth Haworth TecCrete 1250
Application Raised Access Flooring
Installation Timeline 6 months

Unique Aspects / Challenges:

  • Largest Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) project in New England to date
  • Very tight schedule
  • Large scale BIM Coordination involving several different trades to coordinate not only underfloor air systems, but also above floor coordination including location penetrations for furniture, power, and tel/data.

“Our construction team had little experience working with raised access flooring going into this project. Integrated Interiors (II) provided tremendous product knowledge to help complete this sizeable installation successfully. II’s foreman kept the project running smoothly despite an extremely aggressive construction schedule and some ‘bumps in the road’. The II team is great!  They uncomplicated the entire process and worked in harmony with the trades and our team.”

- Chris Walenten, Senior Project Manager
Suffolk Construction