Glass & Glazing

Complete glazed wall systems

Integrated Interiors offers complete interior and exterior glass and glazing packages – fully installed and finished. Our portfolio of specialty glass products creates innovative, customized solutions for each client.

Providing framed and frameless glass wall systems for offices and entryways, storefronts, doors, clear and specialty glass, glazing hardware, and back painting.


Architectural Glazing

The breadth of our product lines offers the ability to fit an array of project needs – creating aesthetic solutions for interior and exterior commercial spaces of any size or complexity. We work closely with glass manufacturers offering several design options from clear tempered glass to decorative glass panels.

CLEAR TEMPERED. Standard in most of our framing systems, we source clear tempered glass quickly to meet strict project deadlines.

LAMINATED. Custom colors, textures, and materials laminated between layers of glass available in a variety of glass finishes and opacity choices.

BACK-PAINTED. Durable, highly versatile, VOC-free, fabricated in the USA. Available in unlimited colors and in a range of glass surface options including low-iron textures & anti-glare SatinTechâ„¢ etched glass. Ideal for floor-to-ceiling wall cladding in lobbies and other high-traffic spaces, as well as non-ghosting writable surfaces (dry-erase marker boards), backsplashes, tabletops, and countertops.

SMART GLASS. Switchable smart glass [or switch glass] that illuminates any environment creating multi-functional spaces that adapt and respond to users at the flick of a switch.

GLASS FILM. Applied film in a variety of types and configurations, from standard dusted crystal and distraction banding to custom cutouts and designs.

WHITEBOARDS. Minimalist, wall-mounted writing surfaces for any application. Magnetic and projectable options available. Pristine, durable glass surfaces are maintenance-friendly and non-porous. Standard dry-erase markers and erasers make cleanup easy. Glass dry-erase boards can be used as writable wall cladding or opaque glass partitions in schools, universities, libraries, offices, and conference rooms.

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