Flooring Finishes

Raised access floors provide the architectural foundation for spaces that are flexible, responsive, cost-efficient, and beautiful. We help organizations distribute air, power, voice, and data within a variety of applications. Today, our flooring products are the leading choice for architects, contractors and developers. 

By leveraging our broad range of products, services, and knowledge, our mission is to provide each of our customers a complete, tailored interior that enhances their business, stirs their spirit, and sustains the planet. Let us help you get back to business quickly and economically when you need to transform your space.

  • A drylay tile system that installs in half the time.
  • Real porcelain tile that lays on top of any surface. 
  • Enables quick & easy flooring installation.
  • Allows customization with logos or other materials.

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  • A system - and a physical product - that facilitates carpet tile installation.
  • Other methods eliminate wet glue by substituting dry adhesives, but only CarpetLOK eliminates adhesives entirely.
  • CarpetLOK also precisely aligns carpet tiles with raised access floor panels, which makes change easier & sharply reduces waste. One tile; one panel; one move.
  • CarpetLOK enables faster installation, easier access, unparalleled maintenance benefits, & sharply lower costs.
  • Each anchor is a small, cruciform component which integrates with the raised floor system & forms a mechanical barrier—every 8’ in both directions—which engages the carpet backing & keeps tiles in place.

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