Interior Office and Entry Way Glazed Wall System

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Framed and frameless glass wall office systems provide the right balance of aesthetics and strength to commercial interiors, making them inviting places to meet and work.

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Raised Floor Systems

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When raised access flooring is utilized, the modular furniture above can be reconfigured without disruption to power and communications routing, making changes simple and cost-effective for the facility. These floor products are quick to install, technology-ready, and quiet underfoot. They also allow for more efficient HVAC distribution, improved Indoor air quality, airflow and temperature regulation.

This is the first step to having a highly functional and flexible future work space. The access floor provides the platform for enormous benefits for the entire office, not just the computer room. We have different access floor types that are designed to meet the specific challenges of today’s work space.

We can help you select the right product application for your project:

  • Offices
  • Data Centers
  • Renovations
  • Higher Education 
  • Libraries 
  • Casinos

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Moveable and Demountable Wall Systems (Architectural Walls)

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Divide, contain, or enclose space with modular architecture designed to meet a wide array of interior needs. 100% reconfigurable, our moveable walls provide a sense of permanence that’s more cost-effective and sustainable than conventional construction or millwork. And whether your organization is growing, changing, or moving, your space can readily adapt to evolving needs with minimal expense, waste, disruption, and downtime.

Haworth Enclose Walls

Haworth Enclose Frameless Glass

Haworth Trivati Architectural Walls

KI Moveable Walls

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By maintaining relationships with Haworth and more than 150 other manufacturers, our partner, Environments at Work, can provide furniture solutions for any style and price point. We support our clients with strong product knowledge, expert services, effective project management and experience in identifying smart furniture investments. Check out

Underfloor Air Distribution Products

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Products include air-flow panels, air-guard grommets, plenum dividers, and accessories.

Price Industries


Modular Power Systems

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Technology solutions for electrical power and data, and voice telecommunications are built with the user and facility in mind. “Plug and play” solutions allow for quick reconfiguration. Access points can be configured on multiple levels for convenience.

Haworth Power Base Brochure

Sound Masking Systems

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Acoustic discomfort is the number-one cause of workplace dissatisfaction. Our sound masking system helps to address this problem by increasing speech privacy, reducing noise disruptions, and improving concentration and productivity.

Lencore Soundmasking Solutions