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Announcing our partnership with Klein USA.  Klein develops high quality Interior Sliding Door hardware for the architectural and design sectors. The Klein systems are designed to provide the most innovative solutions in the market, helping to enhance space and light in every project.  For more information about the company, visit the Klein-USA website.

Klein's productss allow architects and interior designers the freedom to design their own interior spaces using sliding glass door systems.


Video demonstrating Extendo®

Telescopic door system designed to divide space through simultaneous sliding frameless glass doors providing a large opening with a minimal storing space.

The Self-Closing System

The self-closing concept lets you control passageways, keeping them closed off and allowing for increased environmental control. Klein's SELF-CLOSING system can be adapted to separate any kind of space, and is ideal for offices, hotels, universities, laboratories, etc.

For videos of the product:

> Klein Self-Closing Products

> Klein Rollglass Self

Klein at Integrated Interiors

Klein's sliding and telescoping door systems turn your office into a modern, adaptable and functional workplace. We recently installed the product in our own showroom.

For additional product information, visit: http://www.klein-self.com/en/self-products

For a video of the product:

> Klein Frameless Sliding Doors