Sanofi / Cambridge, MA


Size 84 LF; 1 Building, 1 Floor
Architect Plan-B Architects
Construction Sanofi
Product System Haworth Enclose Walls
Application Huddle rooms
Installation Timeline  3 days

Haworth’s Enclose walls provided the look, feel, and acoustical performance of conventional construction while offering a space-saving solution that supports the needs of the organization.

The huddle room walls were custom outfitted with a paintable vinyl finish so they could match surrounding drywall paint schemes.  

A timely installation was completed without the major disruption associated with standard construction.  Future reconfigurations are possible to support Sanofi’s growing business.

Sanofi is an international pharmaceutical company.

Sanofi selected Integrated Interiors (II) to provide an interior solution utilizing demountable walls for their space in Cambridge, MA.