Noon Turf Care / Marlborough, MA


Size 200 LF; 1 Building / 1 Floor
Architect Annika Designs
Project Management N/A
Construction N/A
Product System Haworth Enclose glass fronts & solid pre-wired dividing panels
Application Separate a large open area to separate dispatcher and sales personnel / 2 small 3 walls rooms.
Installation Timeline One week

A large open area was divided by mostly glass fronts to define the Sales from the Dispatch workspaces. The product provided the look, feel, and acoustical performance of conventional construction while offering a space-saving solution that supports the needs of the organization.  In addition, a timely installation was completed without the major disruption associated with standard construction.  Future reconfigurations are possible to support Noon Turf Care’s growing business.

Integrated Interiors (II) utilized glass storefronts and solid panels to create privacy and delineate space within Noon Turf Care’s organization.  Noon Turf Care delivers premier lawn care services to New England communities.