AT&T Wireless / Worcester, MA


Size  2,600 SQ FT
Architect Callison
Construction Herman/Stuart Construction
Product System TecCrete 1250 corner lock
Application 4” finish floor height for use in running data and power to display fixtures in the middle of the sales floor.  Several areas of the floor plan were recessed by ¼” to allow carpeted areas to be installed flush with the TecCrete floor system. 
Installation Timeline  1 week

The project was completed on a tight deadline despite a custom application that consisted of a 4” finish floor height to allow for power and cabling to be routed under the floor to retail displays in the middle of the floor space.  This configuration allowed for neat and hidden access into the retail displays from under the floor and enabled an open concept floor plan. 

The entire floor was installed and clear sealed then carpeting was added to specific areas that the access floor was installed “sunken” by ¼” to allow the carpet to flush out with the top of the access floor.

Integrated Interiors has also completed work on other AT&T Wireless locations nationally and locally including the Boston/Boylston Street flahship store.

Integrated Interiors (II) helped AT&T Wireless outfit their Worcester, MA store. The project was II’s first opportunity to showcase raised access flooring in a retail application.