Aloft Hotel / Boston, MA


Size 5,280 SQ FT; 1 Building/1 Floor
General Contractor Suffolk Construction
Installer Johnson & Goglia Contracting
Architect Spalding Tougias
Product System Raised Access Floor - Haworth TecCrete 1250 Bare Concrete 1”
Application Hospitality Retail Space
Installation Timeline 3 months

Integrated Interiors (II) recently completed a raised access flooring and ramp project, for a bar/restaurant entertaining space within Aloft Hotel in Boston's Seaport District.

Set at 18” off of depressed concrete slab, the RAF will be finished with Wicanders Hydrocork Vinylcomfort Pressfit floating floor. The client chose to go with the beautiful and sustainable morocco pine finish, so check back soon for more images of the final results!