Akamai Technologies, Inc. / Cambridge, MA


Size 35,000 SQ FT Floors; 1,100 LN FT Walls
Architect Packard Design
Project Management Diversified Project Management
Construction Structure Tone
Product System Haworth TecCrete 1250 low-profile (4-inch ffh) Raised Access Flooring System; Modular Power Distribution System; Moveable Wall System
Application Office, conference/collaboration rooms
Installation Timeline  6 weeks

The design intent of the project was to create an environment for the Akamai staff that was flexible and able to support different business units.  The objective of flexibility was put to the test when one day prior to the walls arriving for installation, the complete design program was changed requiring reconfigurations on the fly.  Despite the modifications, II completed the installation with no schedule impact and minimal cost.

Utilizing under floor modular power/data and raised access flooring provides unlimited access to power and data termination points throughout the space enabling Akamai to easily change work functions within the space, if necessary, changing conference rooms into private offices and installing workstation pods in the same location. Moveable floor to ceiling walls support this functionality as well, with standardized panel widths and heights that can be changed from a single office into a meeting room or removed to make space for additional workstations.  Vinyl, carpet and wood flooring finishes were applied to the low profile flooring.

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is an Internet content delivery network. Their network is one of the world’s largest distributed-computing platforms, responsible for serving between 15 and 20 percent of all web traffic.

Akamai selected Integrated Interiors (II) to provide a comprehensive interior solution including demountable walls, raised access floors, and under floor modular power for their expansion at One Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA.